Change Network Type - Power Shell

Set-NetConnectionProfile -InterfaceIndex <index number> -NetworkCategory Private

Bitlocker - Power Shell

Manage-bde.exe -protectors -disable c:
Manage-bde.exe -protectors -enable c:

Create Empty File

Do a quick and dirty network speed test.
fsutil file createNew <filename> <length>


View and modify settings through cli with Netsh. Wired or wireless. Some examples:

Run > Netsh > wlan

> show profiles
> show profiles **name**
> show interfaces
> show wirelesscapabilities
> show drivers

Must be admin to run the following:
show wlanreport
A report will be generated and a path will be displayed on where to find it.

WIndows 10 Built In Packet Capture

Windows 10 now has a native packet capture option if you have access to launch an administrative command prompt.

pktmon default max file size is 512MB which automatically defaults to save C:\WINDOWS\system32\PktMon.etl.

Basic run:
pktmon start --capture
pktmon stop

This will generate the etl file which is not worth very much reading in microsoft tools. You can convert to open in Wireshark with the following.

pktmon pcapng C:\WINDOWS\system32\PktMon.etl

It also has some basic filter options available too. MyPort and MyLan just give it a name in the filter list. Naming is not required.
pktmon filter add MyPort -p 443
pktmon filter add MyLan -i

View what filters you have applied:
pktmon filter list